Astronomy Teacher Seminars Started at Science Center

Astronomy & Teacher Seminars Started at Science Center

The 21st edition of the Astronomy & Teachers Seminar started at the Kocaeli Science Center between 2-3-4 March. G & ouml; n & uuml; ll & uuml; To assist teachers in the processing of astronomy subjects included in the curriculum of Physics and Science course by the faculty of the faculty, to correct misconceptions and known issues related to astronomy, to solve the questions and to develop the necessary ideas, and to create the necessary ideas. in order to add. Especially for Astronomy and those who want to improve their self and who want to improve themselves organized and organized in the center of the same and the same centers (Astronomers & Seminars) in the Center of Science and Technology; The most comprehensive of the activities done until the time with the participation of 120 ouml;

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For the first time in 2006, the A & S program was organized in various centers. This is the first time this year is hosted by a Science Center. In 2015, depending on Kocaeli Municipality's Department of Social Affairs and Social Affairs Department, Kocaeli Municipality, in particular, loved the science of the children and contributed to the efforts of the students in the textbooks. Kocaeli Science Center has opened its doors to the public, and since then, the Science Center has signed a first project with the aim of encouraging science and creating awareness.

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INTENSIVE ATTENDANCE FROM THE CITY The 21 quota was expanded to 120 in Kocaeli due to intensive application to the A & S program, which was added to the program in Kocaeli. The seminar was held in the most comprehensive way and there was also intensive participation from outside the city. Yalova, Sakarya, Istanbul, Ankara, Bilecik, Turkey, Ankara, Zonguldak, as well as the teachers from the provinces of Kocaeli, 12 cities in the province of 12 teachers participated in.


<21> A & S 21 program Kocaeli Science Center 'Wise City Kocaeli and Kocali Science Center' & rsquo; started with presentation presentations. 3 will continue in the program astronomy in our country, the future of the future; recognition, sunshine and sunshine system, sunshine, sunshine, moon and sunshine eclipses, constellations, astrology and astrology, space farming, lunar monitoring techniques, simple telescope monitoring techniques, telescope application , latitude determination, our planet and our satellites, knowledge of years, planets and extraterrestrial life, interdisciplinary astronomy, reflections of astronomy on human life, light pollution, participation in international educational projects, and atlas of the ouml; , the introduction and application of telescope, power & zoom; Observation, deep space objects, space exploration, moisture in astronomy science education, g & ky & uuml; z & uuml; photo & warmth trainings will be held. The program will be completed with the certificate type in the 3rd day.

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