Generated ideas exceeding 800 tiny sizes

Since the entry into service, many different and educational activities in the Kocaeli Science Center, which is hosting a significant event was organized again. Fikirler Native Ideas of Little Girls lenen organized due to Domestic Goods Week 800 children participating in the event, the materials given to the horse and the new objects revealed. Together with the Nadide Educational Institutions, the children were entertained and brought out new ideas with the added event.

800 youngsters between the ages of 4-6 participated in the activity of new ideas. Checks for children's; White Teeth, Colorful Rocket, Revived Painting, Design Genius, Shaped Wadding, Electro-like, Man, Colorful Bags, Gel Tablet, Journey to Shapes, Marbling, Mind Games and Coding Monster He exhibited his works in 13 different events in high schools. Using the materials in their hands, the little ones created objects that would create beautiful and new ideas.

Children between the ages of 4-13 can participate in the activities at Kocaeli Science Center. Children can attend pre-school, primary and secondary school activities in 3 different groups and 75 different subjects. In the Kocaeli Science Center, there are 215 different facilities within the scope of activities under the consultancy of Exploratorium Science Center in the USA, which is the most important science center of the world. Kocaeli Municipality Science Center; The Ministry of Industry cooperates with several national and international organizations within the scope of T & UIT, BITAK, INTEL and European Union Projects.