What is a Science Center?

Science centers are those centers which bring together people who have different accumulations of knowledge and are in different age groups with science, and which aims at making science and technology understandable and attainable for the society and at increasing the importance of science in the eye of the society; and they also include experimental and practicable activities and encourage the visitors to make experiments and discoveries.

Contrary to the concept of classical museums where the objects are exhibited in quiet settings and in glass showcases which are forbidden to touch, science centers present to the visitors objects that they can touch and make experiments with. They are places where people can actively walk around.

About the Science Center of Kocaeli

Kocaeli Science Center is a project which has been carried into effect with the collaboration of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. The Science Center of Kocaeli which is the biggest Industrial Transformation project of Turkey is situated within the Seka Paper Mill whose foundation was laid in 1934. And the center is located on an area of 8,500 square meters. The Seka Paper Mill had manufactured paper for a period of 70 years, and now it serves as the Science Center of Kocaeli, and Seka Paper Museum.

What is Contained in the Science Center of Kocaeli?

In the Science Center of Kocaeli, there are approximately 250 experimental apparatuses and specially designed galleries in addition to work shops where scientific studies are carried out, a stage of science where scientific speeches and shows are made, a library, research offices and a science café.